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Dear Equestrian Business Owner,

   If you have browsed the internet for 'new saddles' in recent years you will have noticed a website called... regularly in the search results for top saddle brands.  
   It is a web resource established in 2001 when, as a UK Retail Saddler and Sales Agent for European products, it became apparent to me that serious riders worldwide found it difficult to find un-biased information and advice about saddles and accessories from the Europe and the UK.
Since TheTackGuide started we have advised and supplied information to many thousands of riders in over 70 countries who have used our SaddleSearch facility, and have helped many to find and purchase the saddlery product they wanted, and inform them of the best and most suitable European/UK Saddlery Stores who offer an efficient, professional export service.  Our saddle buyers client base is now well established in all continents of the world (except Antarctica, strangely!) ... main countries where TheTackGuide is popular are N & S America, Australasia, S Africa, Russia, Middle East, China, India, Indonesia, and many more.
   If your equestrian business targets the fast growing global riding markets, and if you desire  the maximun exposure for your brand to a fast growing market, I am sure TheTackGuide can help increase your brand's awareness globally... our website is daily visited by riders looking for high quality new saddles, and associated equestrian products.  They return to our website time and time again, and often recommend us to their friends, and write Testimonials about our service.
   We are offering all Equestrian-based companies who are listed on our Directories webpages, a very simple, but cost effective advertisement for your company, or for a specific product you produce, starting from prices as low as £50 / 60 Euros for a entry with a strategically placed banner on our Directories webpages, relevant to your Listing, with link to your URL.
   Email us if you would like more details of this offer, and would like to maximise your 'brand awareness' in a very fast growing global equestrian marketplace.
Kind regards,
Graham Williams
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