Taking a wither template

A Guide to Taking a Wither Template of your horse

The following steps show you how to take a wither template that you can send to us so that our saddlers can assist in determining the size of saddle your horse will need.

To take a template you will need,

  • A flexicurve or bendy piece of metal (metal coat hanger?) about 50-60cms. long
  • A4 sheet of paper (297mms. x 210 mms.)
  • Felt tipped pen
  • A helper !

Making a wither templateStep 1
Run your fingers along your horse's shoulder and find the back edge of the shoulder blade (Picture 1). Sometimes on a well covered horse this can take a bit of probing but you will feel the shoulder blade outline. You may find it easier to locate if you ask your helper to pick up the front foot and lift it forward - you will feel the movement of the shoulder blade.

Step 2

Place the flexible curve over the horse's back about 4cms. behind the back edge of the shoulder blade

Step 3
Using one hand to keep the flexible curve in position; use the other hand to smooth the flexible curve against the horse's side. If you have a helper available then ask them to keep their finger on the top of the flexible curve to hold it in position whilst you go around to the other side of the horse. You will need to smooth the flexible curve against the horse's side again on this side.

Step 4
You should now have the flexible curve sitting across the horse's wither.



Step 5 Carefully remove the flexible curve from the horse's back and lay it on a piece of A4 size paper (297mms. x 210 mms.). Trace around the inner edge and mark left and right on your drawing.



Make sure you have the paper nearby, so there is no chance that you accidentally bend the flexicurve !  It wouldn't be the first time someone has done this, and ordered a wide Cob saddle for their Thorobred!

Please note that selecting a saddle for your horse should be done by someone qualified in saddle fitting.  We have qualified 'English' saddlers who can examine photos and wither templates, and offer their un-biased advice, if you are in any doubt about the correct size/width fitting your horse needs, or if you horse has a back problem, please ask advice from an independent saddler who can actually visit you and your horse.


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