Prestige D1 Zero and X-D1

The Prestige D1 dressage saddle range was introduced in 2009, and took a new look at the art of saddle fitting for the dressage horse.  The mission was: To design a saddle perfectly suited to short horses that have highly developed shoulders and muscles.
The panels, with their new “open” design to the front, give freedom to the withers and shoulders of the horse. Another unique feature of the saddle is its elastic front girth straps.

Prestige D1 Zero Dressage saddleThe seat is soft and deep. Rear “V-type” girth straps ensure greater stability on the horse’s back. Three withers sizes are available to fit all horses (S = 33 ; M = 34 ; L = 35). The D1 comes as standard with large blocks. The D1 D version is completely lined in double oiled calfskin leather. The D1 LUX is made entirely in our new premium leather. The LUX leather is very distinctive as it has the softness of calfskin but the resistance of leather.
Since the original D1 saddle was born in 2009 Prestige have introduced the D1 Zero version, which is different from the previous model because itis constructed on a different shaped saddle tree, which offers the rider a saddle with a narrower twist, enabling her to keep a closer contact to the horse. This has been possible by working on the following three points:
- the saddle tree is now thinner in the middle
- the upper part of the flaps is now in calfskin instead of leather , so that we could obtain less thickness in this area
- the under flaps in the same area of the calfskin inserts of the flaps, have a special thermo-sensitive rubber so that it is possible to reach an even lower thickness.Prestige D1 Zero LUX


Latest X-D1 information 2016.... the Prestige D1 ZERO saddles have become even more popular than the original D1, and have become the default model range. Prestige are now only making  D1 saddles on their 'Original tree' to customer order, and may eventually phase the 'Original' model out.  Email us if you would like updated information about this, as at the moment we have Dealers who can offer both ranges.

....AND NOW IN SEPTEMBER 2016 !....  The NEW Prestige X-D2, an additional model to the X-D1 range, with deeper seat for the rider, and additional seat comfort... another improvement and addition to this superb range of Dressage saddles.



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