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Euroriding is a German supplier of high quality saddlery products with a great, and rapidly growing reputation  They offer a range of dressage and jumping saddles which are now popular all over the world. Their saddles are renowned for their superb design in a wide range of styles and sizes. The top saddles in their range are hand-made in England to the very highest standards of workmanship, using the best leathers and traditional saddletrees.

Euroriding Saddles for sale


Euroriding Dressage Saddles

 Euroriding Diamant … this is one of Euroriding’s oldest models, having built up a great following from all over the world. Great English craftsmanship, and a good simple and traditional design.

 Euroriding Diamant SoftSeat … The above model but now also available with a more padded seat for the extra comfort of the rider.

 Euroriding Emilio ... made by Prestige of Italy !
An exciting new dressage saddle, hand made by top Italian saddlemakers.  Super-looking and designed for perfect fit for horse and rider.


 Euroriding Titan II … currently this is the dressage Euroriding Titan II dressage saddlesaddle from Euroriding which tops our list of ‘most requested’ from all over the world. Obviously now very respected and desired in world dressage riding markets. A few subtle refinements, such as deeper seat and bigger blocks, differ it from the original Titan. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

 Euroriding Luxor Evolution … a stylish model introduced in 2009, offering the maximum rider comfort. A wide range of seat sizes and width fittings are available to suit theEuroriding Luxor Evolution dressage saddle maximum number of horse and rider combinations. English leather and craftsmanship.

 Euroriding Luxor Baroque ... a new version of the superb Luxor Evolution, with deep seat and large comfortable leg blocks.  The tree and panel are desined to suit the Baroque breeds, with their muscular shoulder and broad skeleton.

 Euroriding Matrixx, Leon and Ontario ... these are new models recently added to the range for 2012. We wil add reviews for these models when they are more commonly available, and we have more feedback.



Euroriding Jumping Saddles

 Euroriding Andreas Dibowski … the top jumping saddle in the Euroriding range, designed with a flat seat and well padded flaps with blocks front and rear.This model is named after the German Olympic medal-winning Event rider, who has contributed to its success.

 Euroriding Diamant CloseContact, the Jade, the Opal, the Topaz and the Achat are other lower quality jumping/all purpose models in the range, but we understand these are not European-made saddles.


Most popular sizes in the Euroriding range are always available.


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