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Higher sale prices are quite usual when selling good quality used sales to buyers outside the EU...DEMAND IS MASSIVE... We are a UK based Saddle Information Resource, offering advice from Qualified Saddlers. We are rated #1 on Google.com and high ranked on most other major global search engines for 'dressage saddles' and 'jumping saddles' and many other relevant search terms, so we can guarantee your 'used saddle' will be seen by massive and rapidly growing worldwide audience of 'English riders'. Overseas buyers love good used 'high-end' European saddles. We have waiting lists of hundreds of overseas riders looking for specific brands, models and sizes, and we offer you a unique service.  CONTACT US NOW


Simple ad with up to 4 photos - 3 month duration - no transaction handling

£30 for UK sellers / 40 Euros for EU sellers / 50 USDollars for sellers elsewhere

Sale of your saddle managed by us with secure overseas tranasaction management.  

16% commission on sale price of saddle, plus any card payment fees incurred

All you need to do is supply us with accurate details of your saddle, plus some good quality photographs as specified by us. We will not allow 'trial rides' for overseas buyers. Payment always received before saddle shipped.  New Buyer pays the shipping costs.


To sell your saddle please email: sales@thetackguide.com with the following details:

Your name/phone/location/saddle details/photos...and we will contact you

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We are the world's premier information resource for English/European Saddlery, now top-rated on most leading global search engines...We can promote your saddlery product or service to a colossal and growing world marketplace, with a wide selection of modern marketing solutions.

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