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Top Quality Used Saddles

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Most of our used saddles may be purchased using the secure

PayPal payment method, available to buyers in all countries

  More saddles at English-Saddles.co.uk  


 USED SADDLES... let us sell your used saddle in our global marketplace

We have been finding/selling top saddles for riders worldwide for 10 years ... some  testimonials here

Higher sale prices may be achieved when selling 'high end' used European saddles to buyers outside the EU...DEMAND IS CONTINUAL... We are a UK based Saddle Information Resource, offering advice from Qualified Saddlers. We are rated #1 on Google.com and high ranked on most other major global search engines for 'dressage saddles' and 'jumping saddles' and many other relevant search terms, so we can guarantee your 'used saddle' will be seen by massive and rapidly growing worldwide audience of 'English riders'. We have waiting lists of hundreds of overseas riders looking for specific brands, models and sizes, and we offer you a unique service.  


Sale of your saddle managed by us with secure payment management.  

you pay...16% commission on sale price, plus 4% credit card & currency conversion fees (if saddle sold outside the UK)

All we need are accurate details of your saddle, plus some good quality photographs as specified by us. 

We do not allow 'trial rides' for overseas buyers. 

Payment always guaranteed before saddle shipped.  

Buyer pays all shipping costs.


Simple ad with up to 4 photos - 3 month duration - no transaction handling

you pay... 30 GBPounds for UK sellers / 40 Euros for EU sellers / 50 GBPounds for sellers outside EU

<<< Advertisements are published at our discretion...3 months minimum period >>>


To sell your saddle email us with the following details at:


Your name/phone/location/saddle details/photos...and we will contact you

Terms:   TheTackGuide accepts all advertisements in good faith, and we will not be held responsible for any misleading descriptions or unsatisfactory transactions. Due to the number of 'internet scams' around involving certain brands of high-quality, mainly expensive used European saddles, we would urge all potential saddle buyers to get as much information as possible about the location and provenance of the saddle before buying.  If you are in doubt, you can email us for advice and information about specific deals and Sellers, but ultimately the security of the transaction is the Buyers responsibility. 

  Saddle Dealers...  advertise 'any' clearance stock here at SPECIAL RATES...  email us for details

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