NEW SADDLE FEATURE saddles for serious riders worldwide

January 2012

A superb NEW Dressage/Endurance saddle ... at a great price

Custom Made-to-Measure from an English Saddlemaker

1250 GBPounds / 1925 US Dollars / 1875 Australian Dollars

The "Free Spirit" Endurance Dressage Saddle

This saddle is not only comfortable for the rider, we use the latest cutting edge materials in the super comfortable seat, but also incredibly comfortable for the horse. Why? Because of the Contour Master™ wide panel... The cutting edge panels are made up of of layers of felt, foam and layers of Latex rubber which has very high pressure absorbing properties.

This saddle is made with a wide gullet/channel to enable horses to swing through their backs, this improves engagement and stops the panel interfering with spinal processes or musculature of the horse's back.

Made with the finest English leather which feels already broken in, soft and comfortable and pre oiled, stunning quality! Colours are Black and Dark Havana Brown or 2Tone black and brown. Other colours may be available on request.

Another fantastic addition to the Free Spirit and Freedom Endurance saddle are the adjustable saddle/girth straps/billets. This allows you to choose the position of the first and middle strap, to your preferred position (see photo below) 

Any size and width fitting available.

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No3 Forward Cut.JPG (72844 bytes)

photo 1 (3).JPG (170743 bytes)

Traditional panel..

poor weight distribution

photo 2 (3).JPG (177074 bytes)

The Contour Master

Wide panel ... best

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~ A full Bespoke service is available ~