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NEW PRESTIGE SADDLES for 2011 ....   check the latest prices available...


New Saddles from the best European Saddleries who specialise in export sales

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The Prestige company  is situated in Northern Italy, and is now one of the world's largest and most successful saddlemakers.  Prestige Appaloosa has played a significant role within the equestrian world for more than 30 years. In the last 10 years the mill has known a great expansion and because of the international influence and use of the products, Prestige will now become Prestige Italia.  A large range of saddles cover most disciplines within the equestrian world.


We search the best European Dealers for the best export prices and availability of your new saddle.

 Saddles in stock can be shipped to most countries. Independent advice from qualified English saddlers. Wither templates can be sent for qualified advice.  We refer you to the Dealer, and you purchase direct from them by Credit Card or Bank Transfer.  Prices are automatically converted to your own currency by your credit card provider.   You still buy direct from a top Dealer....

NOW AVAILABLE... Prestige jump saddles in the new PREMIUM leather and SF Concept panels ...ask for details

Prestige Dressage saddles available:

New improved model...Prestige Optimax

Prestige Top SP and KK

Prestige Modena

Prestige Academy

Prestige LC and LC D

Prestige Doge

Prestige Leonardo D

New improved model Prestige Hippos

Prestige Lucky 16"

Prestige D1 / D1 D / D1 K / D1 K D

New improved model Prestige Venus K

New model Prestige Salamanca


Most popular sizes are available now !


Prestige Jumping saddles available:

Prestige Meredith and Meredith D and Special

Prestige Arezzo and Arezzo D

Prestige DX and DX Special

Prestige Versailles and Versailles D

Prestige Paris and Paris D and Special

Prestige Venezia

Prestige Elastic Pro

New improved  Prestige Michel Robert D Evo

New improved model  Prestige Golden Star

New model Prestige Eventing and Eventing D

Prestige Archimede
Prestige Carisma

Prestige Happy Pony

Prestige Joy Jumper

Most popular sizes are available now !


...wither templates can be assessed by a Prestige saddlefitter