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NEW CLOSE-CONTACT SADDLE PRICES for 2010 saddles custom made in England from 617 GBPounds! ..monoflap 680 GBPounds

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The Close-Contact saddle was originally designed to offer the serious Showjumper and Event Rider the closest possible leg contact to their horse. The true close contact saddle should be light in weight, and have a thin latex-foam panel, rather than the thicker wool-flocked panel as used on other types of All Purpose saddle. Normally a flat-seated saddletree is used...this is to give the closest and most comfortable contact on the horses back.Most popular close-contact saddles currently are from Barnsby, Butet, Luc Childeric, Amerigo, Delgrange, Frank Baines,

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Saddles in stock can be shipped to most countries within 5 days, even if you are outside the EU. Payment by major credit cards direct to the Dealer. Independent advice from qualified English saddlers.Wither templates can be sent for qualified advice. We refer you to the Dealer, and you purchase direct from them by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Prices are automatically converted to your own currency by your credit card provider.

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