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ARE YOU LOOKING TO GET A NEW SADDLE ? .... we search for the best deals and give you contact to top European Saddle Stores who offer the best delivery times & best prices. Some brands are always in high demand, but we can usually find the very best price and delivery time for your new saddle ...  and our service is FREE !

The Tack Guide ...helping saddle buyers worldwide since 2001 !!

The mission of TheTackGuide is to assist riders around the world and find them the exact new saddle they want and the best possible deal from leading European Saddlery Stores … plus our free advice service from qualified saddlers.  All saddles quoted for will be sold & delivered direct from authorised Saddle Dealers.

Jumping Saddles and Dressage Saddles

We are the specialists in sourcing top brands of dressage saddles and jumping saddles, the current most popular saddles from Europe are PRESTIGE saddles, VOLTAIRE-DESIGN-UK saddles, IDEAL saddles, KIEFFER saddles, PASSIER saddles, STUBBEN saddles, BLISSofLONDON saddles, FAIRFAX saddles, EQUILINE saddles, ALBION saddles, EURORIDING saddles, FRANK BAINES saddles, AMERIGO saddles and many other top brands from Italy, Germany, France, UK, including the famous PARIANI jump and dressage saddles. TheTackGuide also can advise on shipping costs to your country, and hopefully find you a deal which can save you money. Our service to saddle buyers is free of charge, and we our proud that we have helped so many riders since we started in 2001.   So please use our SADDLESEARCH  page to send us your inquiry.

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