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Here are our recommendations ...  May 2015:

Kieffer's Trail  (New model) ...1324 Euros    ... a very popular saddle in many countries
Kieffer Distanz ...1442 Euros
Kieffer Gourbi ...1480 Euros

Prestige DX Endurance  (LUX Premium leather)...1971 Euros
Prestige Endurance2 ...1524 Euros
Prestige Explorer (latex panel ...1562 Euros
Prestige Explorer2 (flocked panel) ...1673 Euros
Prestige Explorer  (LUX premium leather) ...1971 Euros
Prestige Atena ...1539 Euros
Prestige Atena Mimetica  (camouflage coloured) us for prices
Prestige Atena Imbottita ...
Prestige Atena Race ...1539 Euros
Prestige Desert Light ...1004 Euros
Prestige Atena Flaps ...1539 Euros
Prestige Trekker TE ...1524 Euros
Prestige Trekker M ...1524 Euros
Prestige Trekker RR ...1524 Euros
Prestige Trekker Land  (synthetic sheepskin covered panels)...1331 Euros
* Extras available for all these models
Sommer Spirit DS ...1818 Euros
Sommer Spirit Compact ...1570 Euros
Sommer Genesis ...1818 Euros
Other brands:
Black Country Saddles Equinox us
Black Country Saddles Celeste ...1070 GBPounds
Ideal Saddle Co. Enduro ...1116 GBPounds
Ideal Saddle Co. LeTrek ...1116 GBPounds

ALL NEW SADDLE PRICES listed we have found from large Saddlery Stores in Europe who we know will offer a good Export service to saddle buyers worldwide.  We may also be able find you some Special Offer deals which some Stores may have from time to time, so 'SaddleSearch' or email us for details.    All prices we quote are exclusive of VAT (European Sales Tax) which is not charged on sales outside of Europe.

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