The NEW Albion K2 Jumping saddle

Our mission at TheTackGuide is to promote the finest brands of European saddlery products to established and emerging world markets, and highlighting the many great saddlemakers in England... "the home of fine saddlery".  This page features one such English saddlemaker.

Albion have recently introduced a new updated K2 Jumping model.  Not a great deal of change, as the existing model is still very popular, and good used models keep their value well. The new K2 Jumping differs by being built on Albion's own new saddle tree with their Adjusta-Tree technology.  We also understand that this new model has the option of a flat seat or the K2's slightly deeper shaped seat. Extra deep rear gusset can be specified, to balance the saddle for horses with a narrow and prominent wither, and the bearing surface of the panel has been widened. The New K2 Jump also has a softer seat than the older model, plus larger and more stylish leg cushions, offering greater comfort and leg support.albionk2jnew
 A wide range of seat sizes is available, plus many width fittings.  Albion also offer the option of the Customer sending a wither template, so the Albion saddlemaker can tailor the saddle to the horse's profile, which is always a great benefit for customers who may live in a country where qualiified saddlefitters are rare. Different leather finishes are also available, including their ever popular Ultima Leather.  Albion Saddlemakers are long-standing experts in the design of saddles that fit the horse correctly, and this is clearly demonstrated by the number of top professional riders who use their saddles and bridles.