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The superb and very extensive range of new dressage, jumping and all-purpose leather saddles from established English Saddlemakers, Kent&Masters, has proved extremely popular in the UK, where horse breeding and importing has created a wide spectrum of back shapes in the equine domain, and their saddle range has recently gained a great following in world riding markets.

Therefore a quality saddle with a wide variation of tree shapes and width fittings to ensure good fit for the horse and comfort for the rider was the objective for saddlemakers. Before the Kent&Masters range there were only the two ranges of synthetic saddles, from Wintec and Thorowgood, which could offer an everyday saddle with extreme variation of fit by easy replacement of a gullet plate.However, the traditional British riding public were never that fond of synthetic saddles, so most buyers of these were riders on very limited budgets, or riders who just wanted an easy, low-maintenance saddle to throw in the back of their car!

So then came the introduction of the Kent&Masters range, combining a high quality leather saddle, hand made in Walsall, England (the home of saddlemaking) but also having a replaceable gullet system whereby the rider could buy a different width gullet plate for a few pounds, and transform their saddle fitting. But also these saddles have even more versatility, having movable/removeable jumping blocks, attached by velcro fastening, all are British wool-flocked with access holes for easy re-flocking, plus changeable billet straps, and all models are constructed on the strong SIMA saddletree.


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Now Kent & Masters have their latest S-Series range of similar models and styles, but made with extra attention to craftsmanship, plus a superior specification. You can immediately see the difference between the regular models and the S-Series models due to the extra padding and stitching to the kneepads and flaps, giving the saddles the look of quality and real luxury.

Models are available in both ranges for dressage, jumping and an all-purpose model, and other options are offered for the high-withered horse and the wide cob types, which underlines the dedication of Kent & Masters to offer a complete range of excellent quality English-made saddles in a massive range of sizes and width fittings.


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