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Kieffer saddle reviews ... all the latest 2014 models at the best prices

German saddlemakers Kieffer have introduced several new models to their extensive, and high quality, range of dressage saddles. The Kieffer company was started in the year 1848, in the large city of Munich close to the Bavarian Alps.  The company has now confirmed itself as the top German manufacturer of quality saddles, and they have designed many dressage saddles, for which they are best known, and respected with a massive following worldwide.  The unique design of the saddletree, which is the basic component of all 'english riding' saddles, is a key feature in the success of this brand.  Their current "Exclusiv" saddletree has won the popularity and respect of thousands of riders in many continents of the world. The "Exclusiv" tree is made of Kieffer's special synthetic composition and is flexible, but immensely strong, and comes with the benefit of a 5 year guarantee. An even more desirable feature is that this saddletree can be easily adjusted by a saddle, to conform to infinite width fittings for the horse. And... it can be re-adjusted for width many times.  So possibly the buyer/rider can have a saddle for life! The strength and durability of a Kieffer saddle is legend... these saddles can last for decades.  As a saddler in the UK for many years, I have seen many Kieffer saddles of 'great age' which are still in great condition and still in regular use!  Also don't forget that Kieffer manufacture an incredible range of bridles to match their saddles, and are of equally great quality and value as their saddles are.

Read our reviews of some new models newly introduced by Kieffer in 2014 ...

Kieffer AnjaBeran

Kieffer AnjaBeran dressage saddle

This new model has a regular double flap, and a half-deep seat.  The leather to the flaps and skirts is doubled-leather... the best... and this allows the skirts to have some extra padding to add comfort to the rider's inner thigh, where the stirrup bars protrude.  The Anja Beran saddle can be fitted with the optional 'drop panel' which is useful for the horse with a hollow shoulder fit. This saddle has been developed with the assistance of the German Classical Dressage Trainer, Anja Beran, who has written an interesting book called "Classical Schooling with the Horse in Mind" and she has a become something of an icon in the rapidly growing dressage world, especially in Germany, where dressage riding is so popular at a high level.  We recommend you view the video made by Anja and published on YouTube... just click the following link

Kieffer Berlin

Kieffer Berlin Dressage

This new model is a dressage saddle with a deep seat and is designed to suit the majority of dressage riders and horses. Although this is a traditional double-flap saddle, the knee block is fitted to the outside of the saddle flap, which can assist the rider with closeness of the leg to the horse. It also can have the 'drop panel' option giving a closer fit to the horse with a hollow shoulder and an extra-deep gullet at the rear. The Kieffer Berlin is available in 3 sizes starting at Size 0 (which is approximately 16.5"). The Berlin is offered with the Standard Kieffer tree, or on the Exclusiv tree.  Movable V-formation long girth straps are standard for this model.  We can always source the best deals from Europe for any new Kieffer saddle. We only use and recommend the very best, long established and efficient Saddlery Stores.

Kieffer Florenz

Kieffer Florenz Dressage

Another new model with some special features designed for the Classic dressage rider.  The seat is flatter than other Kieffer models, but is still available with the Exclusiv tree option, for easy width adjustment and optimum rider comfort. The panel is shortened in the shoulder area, and the sweat flap of the Florenz is shortened also.  Knee block is positioned on the outside of the saddle flap, and a special changeable billet strap set-up relieves stress on the trapezium muscle.  A unique model in the superb Kieffer dressage range and has been very well received by Trainers and serious European dressage riders.  Email us or use or Saddlesearch webpage to find the very latest deals and availability times.

Kieffer's Single Flap Dressage

Kieffer's Single Flap dressage saddleKieffer have spotted the growing market in dressage circles, for a lightweight monoflap dressage saddle, with a deep seat and large, sculpted leg blocks mounted externally.  Called 'Kieffer's Single Flap" this new model will enable the rider to get the maximum closeness to the horse, with their legs.  The flaps are covered in high quality hide, with dropped panel as an option and is offered in Black or Brown leather, on the famous 'Exclusiv' saddletree. This saddle is reasonably priced, and offers great value for money.  Wherever you are in the world, email us or use our Saddlesearch page if you would like us to find the best deals from top Kieffer Dealers.

 Kieffer WellingtonKieffer Wellington dressage saddle

A brand new dressage saddle, of simple traditional design, but with some ornate design features in the high quality hide-covered flaps, to show off the usual Kieffer quality.  The Wellington has the benefits of velcro fastened leg blocks, allowing the rider to customise their leg position and for riders of different leg length and stature to get maximum comfort.  The Kieffer Wellington comes with a dropped panel, and also can be specified with a short panel to suit the shorter bodied breeds of horse.  The usual moveable girth V-suspension and  long girth straps as standard.  A truly great value saddle! Check out the best deals from Europe... use our Saddlesearch page.

Kieffer Maastricht

A stunning looking dKieffer Maastricht dressage saddleressage saddle will which turn heads, as well as assist the rider with an extra-deep seat and large, external sculpted leg blocks.  Kieffer describe the Maastricht as "Clear-cut, plain and beautiful... "  This model is offered with the popular dropped-panel option which can greatly assist in the fit to the horse's shoulder, especially for certain breeds.  Kieffer's well recommended Exclusiv saddle tree is available with this model, and both Black and Brown leather are options.


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