Kieffer's Trail

The new KIEFFER'S TRAIL ENDURANCE SADDLE (Art.100) has already created much interest from long distance riders in many countries. This popularity is most probably due to the excellent reputation this German saddle manufacturer now has with thousands of serious riders around the world. This coupled with the popularity of Endurance, Long Distance and Trail Riding.  The company's saddle development programme has left many other European/UK manufacturers well behind, offering various new types of lightweight, flexible and adjustable saddle trees, in various designs to suit different types of horse. Plus constant updating of existing models to suit the changing tastes of riders, saddlefitters and trainers.  
With the increased interest in endurance, long distance and trail riding, there are several other saddles recently introduced from some of Europe's leading Saddlemakers.

This stunningly comfortable-looking saddle has been designed with features which many other dressage saddles have, but Kieffer's Trail Endurance saddlethe 'Kieffer's Trail' has been given it's own personality and a look of comfort, by clever design and generous padding to the seat, flaps.  The panels are Extra wide and foam filled for low maintenance and comfort. Kieffer say that the saddle flaps are 'extra soft' and 'elaborately finished', and that certainly does describe the 'look' of this saddle. There is recessed decorative stitching, small soft padded skirts each side and long girth straps with the very popular V-suspension girthing.  Screw-mounted fittings to attach saddle bag system.

PLUS...Extras designed for the Kieffer's Trail:
Kieffer’s Trail Walking Bridle (227)  
"This walking bridle was developed in cooperation with the VFD (Association of Leisure Horse Riders and Horse Carriage Drivers in Germany) notably for the purpose of taking country rides. It can be used like a regular bridle and effortlessly be turned into a headcollar by unbuckling closure the bit with just a few quick movements. It allows the horse to graze comfortably while being safely led on a leash attached to a D-ring under the mouth-strap."
It's a combination of snaffle bridle and headcollar with detachable throatlash and cheekpieces via snap hooks, and is available in 3 sizes and 2 colours.

Kieffer’s Trail Saddlecloth (467)
"Self-cleaning, natural sheep‘s felt. Length of strap loops incrementally adjustable with Velcro fastening."
A nice looking saddlecloth made in natural sheep's Felt, finished with quality leather trimmings. One size fits all.


Please check our 'Endurance saddles' webpage (to be published October 2013) Here we will list some of the best, in our opinion.