Passier Sirius

The NEW Passier Sirius ...  is the latest dressage design from one of the leading German dressage saddle manufacturers, G.Passier & Sohn, who have been hand-making top quality riding saddles and leather saddlery goods since the middle of the 19th Century. A true family concern with a very successful business which now exports high quality saddlery goods to over 40 countries.
Passier has designed a new saddle designed to allow free movement of the horse's  shoulder by designing a specific saddle tree which space for the shoulder to rotate.  As the most popular dressage horses are these days mostly warmbloods, the need for a dressage saddle which can fit close, yet allow freedom for the shoulders of a broad warmblood frame, is the goal.    So their new 'frt-system' (a registered design) allows the horse's shoulder to rotate as freely as possible, which is an issue which has been neglected in most traditional tree designs.
Passier Sirius dressage saddleThe 'free rotation tree', or 'frt-system', rightly recognises the saddle tree as the heart of a horse saddle.  The saddle tree is carefully shaped down the bars towards the tree points, so as to allow free rotation of the horse's shoulder movement in all gaits. A very simple but effective solution to a long-established problem.  The saddletree which is the basis of the Sirius saddle is a variation of Passier's long established PS wooden tree.
 A deep seat, Freedom panels and velcro adjustable leg blocks complete the picture of a great new saddle.  This new model is already becoming popular with serious dressage riders in many countries, and was ridden to a German Team medal in the 2012 Olympics in London by Kristina Sprehe. 

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