Selleria Equipe

The ‘state of the art’ factory and offices of the Selleria Equipe saddlery manufacturing company is located in a small town between Verona and Venice , in the beautiful region of Veneto in Northern Italy.
The company was established over 20 years ago and has reached great heights of success in recent years, their products being used by a number of top International riders. At the 2012 London Olympics, Selleria Equipe saddles were used by Charlotte Dujardin OBE, Olympic Individual and Team Gold Medalist.  Also by Ben Maher Team GB Gold Medalist.
Selleria Equipe are a very modern thinking company, but using the best traditional materials of wood and leather to craft their products, with the addition of some 21st century materials, such as carbon fibre, to give ultimate strength and longevity to some of their 'top end' products. Selleria Equipe say that ..."each individual stage of processing, entrusted to a single person, promotes the specialization of qualified personnel for each specific task, ensuring expertise and professionalism at each step of production and finished product perfection"..."Only prime choice natural calfskin, drum-tanned in pure aniline, and vegetable-tanned premium leather are selected for the manufacture of Equipe saddles and accessories".  Equipe saddles are now being used by serious riders in many European countries, plus Russia, where we are finding that interest in 'top end' dressage saddles, and allied products, is rapidly growing.
Their 4 saddle ranges of jumping, eventing and dressage saddles are constructed on synthetic saddle trees, traditional beechwood trees, and now they have developed a magnificent new carbon fibre composite saddle tree, combining strength, flexibility and lightness, which is put in their 'top end' saddles.   The models available in the Equipe E-Carbon range are the Special-One jumping and the EK-26 jumping.  And now a superb dressage model is available, Equipe Viktoria Dressagenamed the Equipe Viktoria which has already gained plaudits from many professional riders and trainers, and is in Equipe EK-26 Jumping saddlegreat demand in the top areas of Dressage riding.

We have arranged sales and had increasing numbers of inquiries from around the world for their E-Carbon saddles, and have received great feedback from riders. The name 'Equipe' seems to be well respected and recommended.  So again the Italian saddlemakers are taking a firm hold in the quality 'competition saddle' market around the world. Even their lowest value 'Emporio' range is being highly praised and ordered.
The most economically priced Jumping, Dressage, Endurance and Icelandic models are in the Emporio range, with the most popular range, based on the synthetic tree, is the Theoreme range, featuring Jumping,Dressage and Eventing models.  There is also a range built on the traditional wooden and steel reinforced saddle tree design, and this range is called Platinum. A truly traditional range of saddles, built and hand crafted by skilled workers, and in growing worldwide demand.  A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED brand.

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